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What is Whiff Wizard?

Whiff Wizard is a true odor neutralizer, designed and formulated to trap and stop odors at the molecular level, not cover them up with sprays and perfumes.

What kind of odors can Whiff Wizard remove? 

It can remove any odor causing molecule in the vicinity of the product, so in short, any kind of odor.

Where can I use Whiff Wizard?

Virtually anywhere! But here are a few suggestions: Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Basements, Laundry Rooms, Pet Areas, Boats, Cars, RV’s, Camp’s, Summer Homes, Rental Properties, Refrigerators, Closets …. You get the idea.

Is Whiff Wizard easy to use?

Yes! Simply remove the lid and place Whiff Wizard near the source of the odor.

Is Whiff Wizard safe to use?

It sure is. Whiff Wizard does not contain harmful substances such as Phthlates which are often found in many popular odor control products.  Our product is able to be used in any living area without fear of harmful side effects.  You can relax and know that your odors are being eliminated safely and effectively.
Whiff Wizard is also VOC compliant.  It does not exceed the limits for these compounds as set by the state of California and other municipalities. 

How is Whiff Wizard different than air fresheners?

This is a good question and it is asked a lot. Air fresheners are plentiful and popular in the marketplace, but they generally serve to add a new smell to a room, or cover up odors with a fragrance or “perfume”. Whiff Wizard is different. We take the odor out of the room by rendering the odor molecule “neutral” so it has no smell.  We don’t mix perfume and bad odors, it doesn’t seem to work very well.

Where is Whiff Wizard Made? 

Our product is made in the great state of Ohio, in the good ‘ole USA

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